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Fitnabel.TV is a raw, unscripted, real time no frills platform streaming Fitness and Nutritional workouts - We are here to make regular exercise and healthy eating a whole lot easier for anyone who knows they are ready to make that change for themselves . This platform has been designed for busy people who need professional instructors at their finger tips to help motivate them to make the right choices. If that sound like you then we are ready to welcome you.


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Hi I'm Alison Abel founder of Fitnabel. I've been a personal trainer since 2008 and in that time have Motivated 100's of women to improve their health and fitness. My signature 20 minute workout programme Fit in 20 has been a huge success for mums all over the world during the pandemic 2021. Now is the time to collaborate with other amazing instructors and be able to provide my clients an all rounded fitness platform, this is where was born. is an on demand platform where you can access all our raw unscripted no frills yoga, pilates and hiit workouts, plus great quick and easy recipe videos. This platform is appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels, come in and check it out. If you love it stay, if its not for you, dont worry no hard feelings. x

Happy Fitness

Alison xx

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Alison is fantastic! She makes you feel good whatever level of fitness you start at. Great motivator, giving you a push without being too hard so you keep going back for more! Alison makes the classes fun and always makes you laugh. Sign up with Alison and you won’t regret it.

<p>Rachel Pritchard</p>, <p>On Facebook</p>

Rachel Pritchard

On Facebook

"I have never really exercised before. A friend recommended Alison to me and I have to say it’s the best recommendation ever. I exercise 5 days a week. Alison shows you a alternative to the “harder” option so I feel like I am working. Highly recommend. Alison also helps with injuries and diet (if you want her to). She is not pushy but you want to exercise with her

<p>Sue Markantoni</p>, <p>On Facebook</p>

Sue Markantoni

On Facebook

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